Thursday, December 22, 2016

Best Wine Cooler: Why Edgestar Pushes Competition Over the Edge

Avid wine collectors despair that they cannot find the best wine cooler to store their precious wine selection in. Most wine enthusiasts rarely collect a single variety of wine. Most would collect several varietals of wine and in different containers as well. This becomes a headache when it comes to storage, since most wine coolers are created to store only a single size wine bottle and only has one set of controls for temperature and humidity that can only be good for several kinds of wines. That is why the best wine cooler is definitely the Edgestar 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Digital Control.

What makes the Edgestar 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Digital Control the best wine cooler is not limited to one, but several factors. First and most important, this wine cooler is equipped with the Dual Zone Wine Storage feature. This means that there are two compartments in the appliance and in each compartment, one can have different temperatures. This means that one can store different varietals in each compartment, may it be red or white wine. Second, this Edgestar wine cooler is powered by a thermoelectric Peltier cooling device which allows for a quiet and vibration-free cooling. This assures that one's wine is protected against sediment agitation. The thermoelectric function is also eco-friendly since no Freon is used. Lastly, the controls for this wine cooler are all electronic and the display is all digital. This makes setting and monitoring temperature and humidity easier. These features make the Edgestar 18 Bottle Dual Zone wine cooler as one of the best if not the best built in wine cooler in town.

The advantages mentioned above are the primary reasons why the 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Digital Control is the best wine cooler in the market today. But these additional advantages cements its
position. The wine cooler also has auto defrost to prevent ice buildup and an internal fan for even air distribution. What's more, the design of the cooler makes it easy on the eye, with its metallic silver finish and the double paned, shatter-resistant glass door. Add the soft, blue LED interior lighting and one has got himself a wine cooler that is both functional and elegant.

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